What should you focus on as you prepare for this line of thought? I'll identify seven different ways you can add value to your company. The best way to answer is by providing all your past achievements and accomplishments. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something unique, or innovative. Luckily, this isn't one of the toughest questions that can get lobbed at you in an interview situation—if you have an understanding of the company's/team's goals, and how you can tie your own personal career goals to theirs, you'll find yourself on solid ground with devising an answer to the question. By adding value to your employer, not only are you displaying a strong commitment to your team and the business as a whole, but it also holds you in good stride when it comes to career advancement. Interview answers to, “What will you bring to the company?” should closely align to the job description. For instance, if the employer is seeking a dynamic sales representative, then you want to stress your proven track record … In this tutorial, we'll explore the concept of adding value to a company. Next Questions: What teaching methods do you prefer and why? Customize Your Interview Answers. If you aren’t prepared to give the interviewer a good reason to hire you—i.e., the value you will add—don’t expect them to. Debunking the Myth About Adding Value to a Company In order to best answer this and other interview questions- you have to practice your answers. Do a little research on the company/team. Assess how it will be helpful for you in the future. Your value add is the real contribution you make to the company's success. Anyway, you will have to figure out the value you can bring to the school. What Makes You Unique: Throughout the interview- you will likely be working on setting yourself apart from your peers. I still find it surprising that not everyone, including some very senior levels, do not know this. A few things to add value: * Be reliable. You should show that you understand the company and know why you would be a good match, but it would be wise to also say that you are aware you have a lot to learn – and that you want to do so at that company. When you answer this question- you have to do the same thing. In this question you should list your main skills and how these will be directly applicable if you get the job, also back your claims up with achievements from your previous jobs. Here are five reasons why (and how) you should start adding value to your … And, it’s okay to express it in a cover letter or phone interview. Answer honestly and confidently. Also, make a good research about the company, it will give you an idea about the company goals and work culture.. Use this information to answer this question by incorporating your skills and traits along with it. This varies by job level, but there are a few truths that hold at every level. Plus, I'll provide some job-specific examples of adding value to a company with real-life advice. But it must be something the school can benefit from… And if you could not find it, you can check my eBook for sample answers to this question. Smile when he or she asks.
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