1 decade ago. When you answer “Tell me about yourself,” you’re highlighting the key professional strengths and skills that you have that bring value to the company…what you can do. I try to use it as much as I can. I'm curious as to how the average males views himself, and whether certain insecurities are more common than others. (Physically)? No. I have tiny little nostrils as well (no can see my boogers hanging in my nose so I never have to worry about that lol). 7. 6. Tell them how you really feel. If you use these words to describe yourself, you’ll stand a better chance of landing a date and then transitioning to something more serious. 8. If you want to, you can also explain why you like this particular thing; you know, brag a bit :D The first person to complete their list wins a pretty pony or a robot with lasers. Developing goals for recovery can be tricky, especially if you aren't sure what it is that you want to accomplish.Consider your interests, things that bring you joy and things that keep you motivated. 5. I have great affection for dogs and cats 4. Well, our Intern Molly has struggled with this…and she just put together her own list of ten things she physically likes about herself, and she said it’s one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do. My legs. If the person feels comfortable enough to ask you what you like about them, chances are you already know them pretty well. My moles. 1 decade ago. The fact that I would manually have to travel to get to that place. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Physically or non-physically. Some in places I can’t share on the radio. 7. I'm not talking physically though, we all talk about that to no end here ;) What quality do you like the most about yourself? A pony with lasers is also possible. Whether it’s something you don’t like physically about yourself, or something about your personality that you wish you could change. What things do you like about yourself (physically)? That my body has curves. Tell me, why is it that we seem to have no reservations about noticing what we don’t like, but when it comes to seeing what we DO like about ourselves, we suddenly get self-conscious, insecure and shy about saying it - or even admitting it? This comes from flexibility, endurance and strength. You really do like the person. So I was just kind of thinking about how important it is to take a couple of seconds now and then to remember what we like the most about ourselves. Once you have that under control, hang on to it and don’t be afraid to let the world know. All my skin. What is something you love about yourself physically? Trait # 5: You take things slow. I will draw them. My thick, course, wavy hair. My psychologist wants me to make a list of things that I like about my appearence, but I can only think of the color of my eyes.. Zehra. 1 0. Answer Save. I am the sculpture and I control the power to make any change I want. #17 My sense of style. 1. If you are a woman, at least 50% of what people consider attractive is directly attributable to your looks. You can also write down a list of traits that you like about yourself to better understand what makes you attractive. If so, I have a lot of beauty marks. Your looks are part of the "real you", like it or not. What do you like best about yourself? When you try on different ways of doing things, not only do you discover things about yourself, but you also figure out what you like, what you don’t like, and who you really are inside. Thoughtful – you look for ways to do nice things for people and you think before you speak/act to avoid causing upset. Answer: You can consider yourself physically fit when your body is able to do what you ask it to do. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jen Jen. Physically or non-physically. I like that I am ambitious for learning 2. What I like is that it changes all the time, from frizzy and straight to smooth and curly with random highlights. I think 6'1" is a good height. Lv 4. How do you see yourself physically? Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. These and other activities can help extend your life and improve your self-esteem and outlook on life. This will give you a sense of their overall company culture, which will help you do a better job of describing yourself in a way that’ll be attractive to THEM. Arms. Thanks Mom and Dad for the Irish and Russian heritage hybrid! I like the colour of my eyes, my height, and my hair. List things about yourself that you love and revisit them once in a while. share. Not just my complexion, which despite some age spots, is pretty good. Sort by. Titties. Lv 6. If I didn’t have this hair texture, my hair wouldn’t be able to hold any style. I am new to the message boards and Im here for self esteem/mental health support.I was emailing one of my close friends who lives in another city (adulthood is rough like that) about how I recently got an acne breakout on my jaw/upper neck area that wont budge. Alternatives: considerate, attentive, courteous, compassionate. I like that I made it to university even though I dropped out. Naturally, I'll get the ball rolling. WHO says this is the minimum amount of moderate exercise needed to maintain your level of fitness. Because of this, you don’t have to force a fake answer. What do you like best about yourself? Email * Get happy news, tips and things delivered to your inbox. Pamper yourself for an hour every week. Having a firm grasp on your own sense of self will go a long way when it comes to making you attractive. There that’s what I like about myself in a nutshell . I do not like how it took me till 25 to get a proper job and my discipline down packed and I’m still working on it! I might think I have too many curves, but at least I have them. If it’s hard to find a like, try neutral first. And how do you #18 My ability to forgive. It’s petite and looks like a baby’s nose. delivered right to you! That my body is a work of art that I can structure anyway I want. Relevance. And they allow me to look great in a high-waisted bathing suit! Archived. Describe traits that fit their job and team. They make up like 55% of my body. The recommended average is about 30 mins a day , every day of the week for most people. Before anybody else can love you, you have to love yourself. I am not saying to simply ignore these things, but if there are traits or habits that can be changed, like impatience or constantly comparing yourself to others, then make it a goal to do something about it! It is said that many women see themselves much bigger or "chubbier" than they actually are. 11 Answers. A crooked nose. Like 99% of parents, I love my children dearly, no matter what they do 3. My DIY at home box hair color, what a red! u/mikes2123. I do not like that people are contained to one body. #16 My skin. We're brought up to be "humble" not "prideful" or "boasting." Women find it attractive when you take steps to getting to know her and not lead head first and dive in right away. Do something you can lose yourself in and that makes you feel better. When you describe yourself in the interview, you want to be honest and true to yourself… Do you exercise or do you just fool yourself with the ideas that being active is all the exercise you need. I used to think they were clown feet but now I realized they give me more room to wear fabulous shoes. It's lovely. Or a pretty robot. 1 0. What do you like about yourself physically? But what does it mean to love yourself? I wanted to try a little experiment here, to see how the majority of women see themselves physically. 1. (function() { var po = document.createElement("script"); po.type = "text/javascript"; po.async = true; po.src = "https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/cdn/embed.js"; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); 2. 10. 100 Things I Like About Myself 01. Pick out a scent you know he will like or better yet, do yourself a favor and pick out one you like. Your physician and fitness trainer might have told you about the importance of eating a healthy diet, lowering your stress levels and exercising. You tend to disagree or agree when the time feels right for you because you hold yourself to a standard. 1 year ago. Not that a change is needed. Although it may seem like a small gesture, understanding your positive traits can help you be more confident, which can make you more open and empowered to reach out to others. I'm looking for some "inspiration" and maybe encounter something someone likes that I haven't thought of before. I’m 25. My hair is not stereotypically beautiful and smooth and straight or whatever. In order to show love to others, you must first love yourself. It Was One Of The Hardest Things She’s Had To Do The Bert Show’s 2015 #SuitYourself campaign has kicked off: it’s time to take back your body and destroy the fear of bathing suit season…by posting a new picture of yourself in your bathing suit on Instagram or Twitter by using #SuitYourself with something you LOVE about yourself! You've heard this many times before. The Bert Show’s 2015 #SuitYourself campaign has kicked off: it’s time to take back your body and destroy the fear of bathing suit season…by posting a new picture of yourself in your bathing suit on Instagram or Twitter by using #SuitYourself with something you LOVE about yourself! My skin tone. 6 comments. 1 decade ago. What do you like about yourself physically and mentally? I like that I’ve thrown a few punches in rugby and done some big hits and trys. ... You need to exercise at least three to four times a week. But nice eyes and a smashing body that I’m working on. If you can afford it, get a massage or hire a personal trainer to help you feel better physically. Talking about self-love is really important to me because we often believe self-love is just about candle-lit bubble baths and binge watching our favorite show, (which I do at least 3x a week, don’t get me wrong.) I feel like some people are confident in one area but not the other. save hide report. Can You List 10 Physical Things You Like About Yourself? What you believe is true about yourself illustrates the degree to which you love and accept yourself. Discover who you are. But in true humility you still recognize your positive aspects - you just don't elevate yourself above anyone else. It keeps my insides in. Let’s ignore the frizz and SCREW ANYONE WHO MADE FUN OF MY HAIR GROWING UP. Lv 7. I'm a 19 y/o male. 2. When you take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, your overall health improves. lol It allows me to do things that I otherwise wouldn't do, and to meet people I otherwise wouldn't meet. 9. Find answers now! I like that I’ve experimented with drugs cause that’s cool ya know. can you list 10 physical things you like about yourself, listen to ‘Intern Molly – 10 Things I Like About My Body’ on audioBoom. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored." Some people call them beauty marks. You are your own person. 100% Upvoted. As far as personality I love the fact that I am off the wall crazy! Likes: Height. I wanted to specify both appearance and otherwise because i feel like sometimes we forget the positives. Those answers are typically longer and include concrete evidence and examples of you … Also, think about the things you want, like where you want your life to go or what you would do more of if you … You can say to a friend, "Sarah, you've been my best friend since we were five years old. My size 9 feet. It's magnificent. The variety amazes me. It’s harder than you think…but can you list 10 physical things you like about yourself? It’s been hard for me to love all of myself, but I can accept that there is nothing bad about my appearance, it’s just me, and it exists as a part of me, and from there I even grew to love some parts, Honestly, I love a lot of things about myself but the first that comes to mind is my nose. I … Discipline is key that I want to improve on my self . skjdfn56. Physically I like my hair and my eyes. 2. My hair (it's shiny and getting darker) 02. I do not have to eat what I don't like. I have long, skinny fingers with big knuckles and even though most friends make jokes about them I actually think they're really nice along with my forearms honestly, not much of a feature but I can see my collarbone and I just think it looks nice. It’s just very nice and unique :), I have bad skin. I'm in therapy and right now I'm working on my self esteem issues. Favourite answer. Posted by. Or more than one thing? Peace, Press J to jump to the feed. 3. Being a body can be cool. Smooth, soft. They work. What do you like most about yourself? Physical attractiveness is fleeting. I hope you find more. I do not like that I cannot just think of a place to go and not physically be already there, but only there in my head. Weezer • Mon, Mar 30. Practice positive affirmations. It’s a pink/gold undertone hybrid. You can also learn how to do reflexology or take an afternoon to walk alone in a nearby park or hills. So you might ask, what do women find attractive in men? I wish people would laugh at the things I do and say. I'm in therapy and right now I'm working on my self esteem issues. But people a very serious mostly. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Close. And so is everyone else's. My psychologist wants me to make a list of things that I like about my appearence, but I can only think of the color of my eyes.. What do you like/dislike about yourself physically? My smile. 1 Questions & Answers Place. 4. I love my eyes and eyebrows.
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