2. He was hampered by none of that exaggerated respect for the rebels which earned Sir Colin Campbell the nickname of Old Khabardhar (Old Take-Care); but carried to an extreme the policy of audacity. I can't believe she had the audacity to ask me to do her work for her. In the region of my birth, people reared there are familiar with the Presidential Pardon. A fortnight later Charles quitted Warsaw, to seek the elector; on the 2nd of July routed the combined Poles and Saxons at Klissow; and three weeks later, captured the fortress of Cracow by an act of almost fabulous audacity. Audacity Manuals (with Tutorials and FAQ) The Windows .exe and Mac .dmg installers already include a built-in copy of the Manual. How to say audacity in English? The sheer audacity of Dave Williams, lead keyboard vocalist, was nothing less than stunningly original. Antonym: cowardice , timidity . 4 1 Audacity will record every sound that comes through your … Frozen for a few moments by the audacity of this woman, the two men finally collected their wits and dashed out the door after her, but she was already gone. If you're recording PC game music, run Audacity, click "Record" and change the source to "Stereo Mix". Deception means the action of deceiving someone. In the delineation of character by graphically significant speech and action, introduced at unexpected turns, left with happy audacity to point their own meaning, and pointing it with a force that the dullest cannot but understand, he takes rank with the very greatest masters. The Audacity to Win. He then had the audacity to claim he's not fixated by speeding! , After robbing the bank, the robber had the audacity to leave an insulting note for the police. If you're recording PC game music, run Audacity, click "Record" and change the source to "Stereo Mix". Open Source 73 . ‘And it's ten times worse if somebody learns that I've got a website and has the sheer audacity to actually ask for the URL.’. It came, she seized it with some audacity, and the old gentleman's guffaw acknowledged her. 2 : an audacious act —usually used in plural Her worst audacities did not … She had a fondness and admiration for this child and her audacity. ‘he whistled at the sheer audacity of the plan’. audacity sentence examples. It was the sheer audacity of a counter-attack beginning five yards from the French line that was impressive. , Even though the queen admired the young woman’s audacity, she was quick to let her know she was not fit to marry the prince. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The needy scholar was generally to be seen under the gate of Pembroke, a gate now adorned with his effigy, haranguing a circle of lads, over whom, in spite of his tattered gown and dirty linen, his wit and audacity gave him an undisputed ascendancy. (10) I rather admire the audacity of character. noun. By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq. Insolent boldness, especially when imprudent or unconventional. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. a : intrepid boldness knights admired for their audacity. The government of Sir John Macdonald felt, however, that the future of the Dominion depended upon linking together the Atlantic and the Pacific, and in view of the vast unoccupied spaces lying between the Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains, open to immigration from the United States, their audacity in undertaking the work was doubtless justified. Wonderful is the audacity of impudence! We hear little of the island under the Empire, except as a granary and as remarkable for its unhealthiness and the audacity of its brigands. Down with your clothes. ' , Only Frank had the audacity to call our boss a bully. ' Never again, ' I shouted, marveling at my own audacity. Henry never forgave the audacity; but, for the moment, the only revenge he could take was upon More's father, whom upon some pretext he threw into the Tower, and he only released him upon payment of a fine of £ioo. Similar words: audacious , veracity , capacity , pertinacity , carrying capacity , laudatory , mendacious , tacit . They use audacity in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for audacity. Definition of Audacity. It was spurred into renewed activity by the audacity of Sir John Hawkins in the West Indies, and by the appearance of Drake, Cavendish and Richard Hawkins in the Pacific. Amanda had the audacity to show up to the party, despite the fact that she was not invited. This famous work, which the author has the audacity to place on the same level with the histories of William of Malmesbury and Henry of Huntingdon, professes to be a translation from a Celtic source; "a very old book in the British tongue" which Walter, archdeacon of Oxford, had brought from Brittany. Abandoning the ancient Muscovite capital, where many influential personages were fanatically hostile to his innovations and not a few of the superstitious inhabitants regarded him with horror as Antichrist, he built at the mouth of the Neva a new capital which was to serve as " a window through which his people might look into Europe "; and laying aside the national St title of tsar he proclaimed himself (1711) emperor Peters- (Imperator) of all Russia - much to the surprise and indignation of foreign diplomatic chancelleries, which resented the audacity of a semi-barbarous potentate in claiming to be equal in rank with the head of the Holy Roman Empire. With incredible patience, sometimes with a happy audacity of conjecture which itself is almost genius, he succeeded in reconstructing the lost Chronicle of Eusebiusone of the most precious remains of antiquity, and of the highest value for ancient chronology. Since women's spring fashions for each year are inspired by the designs on the runway, stay ahead of the crowd by paying attention not to the audacity found in some of the clothing, but the details. The book is anodd combination of audacity andintense conservatism. So far as appears from her writings and contemporary records, she was a visionary of the ordinary type, distinguished only by the audacity and persistency of her pretensions. The sultan, who had risen from a Mongolian slave to become a second Saladin, and who combined the physique and audacity of a Danton with the tenacity and religiosity of a Philip II., dealt blow after blow to the Franks of the East. Technology Skills for Instructional Designers. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Once you download the symbiotic Encoder (a plug-in for Audacity), you can easily export the edited podcast to your hard drive (or online host) as an MP3. He has a lot of audacity to defy his boss. Sentence with the word Audacity. Kris was silent, surprised at Darkyn.s audacity. Cool, self-possessed and cautious as a general, Marshal Berwick was at the same time not wanting in audacity and swiftness of action. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. , Even when Mitchell knew he was about to be arrested for selling drugs, he had the audacity to continue to sell his products on the street corner. 1 : the quality or state of being audacious: such as. He sacrificed everything to it; but he ennobled it by the genius and audacity of his conceptions, by the energetic tension of all the muscles of the body politic. The man had the audacity to bungee jump off the building. The relative sizes of these mountains have assigned to them their definite correlations with characters: the ist with charity, love, libertinage; the and with religiosity, ambition, love of honour, pride, superstition; the 3rd with wisdom, good fortune, prudence, or when deficient improvidence, ignorance, failure; the 4th when large makes for success, celebrity, intelligence, audacity, when small meanness or love of obscurity; the 5th indicates love of knowledge, industry, aptitude for commerce, and in its extreme forms on the one hand love of gain and dishonesty, on the other slackness and laziness. such audacity would be funny if people weren't dying. 2009 *Balz, Dan, and Haynes Johnson. Many reformers, like Glapion, the Franciscan confessor of Charles V., who had read the Address with equanimity if not approval, were shocked by Luther's audacity in rejecting the prevailing fundamental religious conceptions. an entrepreneur with audacity and vision When can effrontery be used instead of audacity? As for Captain shad, he could only stare, struck speechless by his visitor's audacity. (10) A happy audacity of expression may pass. Gertz, himself a man of uncommon audacity, seems to have been fascinated by the heroic element in Charles's nature and was determined, if possible, to save him from his difficulties. mass noun. Audacity is an open source program and offers a good set of recording features. A sudden audacity seized her. , Can you believe Maggie had the audacity to threaten to call the police on her noisy neighbors? 91. (18)
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