He wasn’t too sure about the whole whitewash thing, especially with how white I wanted it, but in the end, it won his heart over. Mar 3, 2020 - Explore Angie Malone's board "Painted stone fireplace" on Pinterest. As for the fireplace itself, I think this particular fireplace, in this particular house, IS perfect. See more ideas about White stone fireplaces, Fireplace, Fireplace design. Phone support available, Free Domain, and Free Setup. Running off to Home Depot to buy the products you recommend right now! The custom bookcase adds so much visual interest. Like spending $150 on wallpaper for an accent wall or something else. I consider these particular books just decor. I do know how (my dad came over and gave me a tutorial), but it really just wasn’t practical. It looks great. So I eventually filled the fireplace with candles (after having it professionally cleaned) and just sort of left it that way for a year or two. So I think that was my first hesitation. Compare; Find My Store. When the fireplace is not in use, an organic sculpture of driftwood helps fill the fireplace's empty … i discovered that spines in is really calming, the different shades of off-white are so pretty. My plan was to fill in the holes between the stone of the existing fireplace surround with grout and paint it white, creating a modern, cohesive fireplace … Get it?). I considered other colors like black or even dark grey, but with how dark this room in our house gets, I just felt white would be something I would ultimately be more happy with long term. 5,000 brands of furniture, lighting, cookware, and more. I love that you decided to do what makes you happy! Do you know if the paint you used would be affected by the heat? I used an oil based primer then heat resistant white paint on top. It is nice to build a fire but mine is not gas / automatic so it takes at least 20-30 minutes, plus you need to keep it going once it’s going. And I think my painted stone fireplace makeover certainly qualifies! Grab my FREE Furniture Painting Guide below: Learn how to update a 1970s looking stone fireplace or stone wall using paint. Painted stone fireplace makeover Y ou all know I love a “better than it was” project! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is so large it overwhelms. This is the type of project you can’t really roll since the stones are such irregular shapes. I’ll ask Ethan if he’d like to. Whitewashing a stone fireplace involves creating a mixture of paint and water and then brushing the mixture over the stone to create a “whitewashed” look. We have central heating and that’s our primary source of heat in our home. A water-based, stone effect, fireplace paint specially formulated for application onto fire surrounds. Hi Emma, this was super helpful! Mix the water and paint to form your whitewash! I think it was a great idea to not only paint the fireplace, but to create such a splendid little nook for these books! If that makes be basic, oh well, I guess. Way to go for it!!! White Painted Stone Fireplace image and description The mesmerizing photo below, is section of White Stone Fireplace Tips and Tricks post which is grouped within Stone Fireplace, fireplace ideas, and published at April 18th, 2016 11:20:52 AM by . I am not a big DYI person so I spoke to the amazing contractor Adrian at Craftsman Construction that we worked with on this project, about how they were able to change the multicolored stone fireplace into the c . And for that I am grateful. The bookshelf would only make sense if you did not have enough book storage space, but why fill it with books that are literal filler? The kitchen design experts at HGTV.com explain the benefits of 13 of the most popular kitchen countertop materials to help you choose the right one for your kitchen. I hope this post gives you the confidence to paint your fireplace! Once that is dry just apply the water based paint of your choice, we used Glidden Swan White (Semi Gloss). It is so simple and easy! When you walk back in the room, pick your jaw up off the floor and then look it all over. 13. Totally agree! We offer affordable hosting, web hosting provider business web hosting, ecommerce hosting, unix hosting. And hey, you have given the thrifted books a new purpose and loving home, even if you don’t plan to read them . Paint Your Stone or Brick Fireplace to Match Your Trim Colour. I do feel the masonry paint shows texture and although it’s not matte it’s also not super glossy. You do you! More involved fireplace makeovers might incorporate a lightweight masonry product called manufactured veneer stone, perfect for do-it-yourself work. An update on our painted stone fireplace As many of you know, when we purchased our current home I thought for sure we would demo the fireplace before even moving in. 09 of 20. The one change the fireplace could really use is having half the height of the hearth removed. Almost all of these books are just paperbacks I thrifted (all of them cost around $150), except a small section I turned sideways on the top shelf. How to: Painting the stone fireplace white. I’ve yet to get white soot on the outside of the fireplace. Design Sponge. Such a creative idea with the books, I love it! But, let’s start with a before shot! Our unique and exclusive ground stone formulation provides a very hard-wearing , breathable, stone effect finish that looks and feels like natural stone. Belle would approve ???? If you have ever considered painting your brick fireplace white, I highly encourage you to read today’s cautionary tale. Transform your new or existing fireplace into an elegant stone feature using Fireplace Stone Coating, the stone effect fireplace paint. Paint Your Stone Fireplace for a Whole New Look! I did get rid (donate) many last year or the year before. A classic white mantel is spruced up with clean white-painted brick and seaside mantel accessories. However, that should NEVER happen as the smoke and soot should go up and out of the flue. Keep reading to learn how to whitewash your stone fireplace. Sign up for our newsletter and get a FREE Holiday Gift Tags Printable. Fixer to Fabulous ... Fireplaces: Stone, Brick and More 13 Photos. Reply Cancel. Google to get specific instructions. It looks beautiful because no matter what anyone else thinks, a part of you is in that space and always will be. If your walls are white or a light color, paint your fireplace black or a dark color. A cost effective alternative to replacing your existing fireplace, back panel or hearth. It’s totally silly… but just sharing to be honest. When I lived in California, the available local stone was not very attractive. Whitewashing your fireplace with chalk paint is one option for this technique. I’ve yet to get white soot on the outside of the fireplace. Well, can I just paint the frigging thing? The fireplace is beautiful exactly as you like it and thank you for sharing your process. (wink, wink!). All instructions are on the tin - no fuss, no mess. I doubt he took any photos of the process though but maybe we can figure out a visual way to help show what he did? Since completing this job I have had so many inquiries about the process used to transform this fireplace. nancy keyes -December 14, 2016 - 8 :55 PM. It makes a world of difference. I could wipe off if it was too dark or add some if it was a little light. Cleaning paintbrushes and other tools can be made easy with warm, soapy water. I love the painted stone fireplace! So it’s a new year and everyone I talk to seems to be on the same page, brighten, lighten and simplify. Mine was my fireplace. Model #2267FM-28-201. Definitely the right call. Painting the fireplace would be an easy way to tone down all the browns. It looks great! One last word of advice is to keep it your trim colour. Get a free domain name, real NON-outsourced 24/7 support, and superior speed. To be able to choose whatever I am drawn to at the moment is happiness for me. First, Ethan coated all the stone and mantel with bonding primer. This is by no means a new idea, but one worth re-thinking: white wash your stone fireplace if you want to soften its impact! If you have ever considered painting your brick fireplace white, I highly encourage you to read today’s cautionary tale. Paint the stone white. And this is why. NO!!! Your fireplace looked great when you painted it gray and now that it’s white, it looks even better. Painting, sanding in layers & glazes. Our motto is stay home and make something and we hope our site will inspire you to do just that. The mauve … Michael David posted on Instagram: “We are obsessed with this fireplace! White | Electric Fireplaces . If the soot does get on the paint, it is washable. they’re my books, i know which are which. Or it can be a simple construction project, where you cover up the brick with drywall, wood, or tile. White Painted Stone & Shiplap Fireplace Makeover. Learn how your comment data is processed. Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Kim's board "Painted stone fireplace" on Pinterest. The painted fireplace evokes all the values of the old world hearth while honoring the need to maintain one’s home within modern sensibilities. Think 3/4 parts water to 1/4 part paint. So let’s talk about how to paint a brick fireplace white. It’s removable, so when/if we do move one day, the next owner will still have access to the fireplace. Now I have a beautiful white, painted fireplace! After painting my walls it really stood out and not in a good way! 02/09/2012 at 3:54 pm Reply. We've been enjoying time together with family and friends at a long swim meet all weekend, and looking…”, Do you have something in your house that seems like it stares at you every time you walk in the room? Painted Stone Fireplace. Maybe? White paint or very light gray paint to dry brush (I used a can that the paint store had on clearance for $1.00 that is just a tad lighter than Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore). Fabulous job and thanks for showing all of us that doing something that you like, and that matters to you, has value and is the most important thing in decorating personal space! The fireplace is so bright, white and clean. Is that a perk of using masonry paint? I’ve been wanting to paint it white but (as a non designer type person) I’m super nervous about such a drastic change. Here are some pics for y'all. You can read more about Emma’s ceiling here: https://abeautifulmess.com/2017/07/progress-report-ceilings-and-floors.html, people love to hate on spines in books, but ended up with these accidentally with my two-sided cubby–spines out on one side = spines in on the other side. Fireplace Mantel Makeover Contest: Summer Hogan . Today i’m going to show just how I did it. Bellamumma. There is a wild debate out there. Exactly the look I wanted. This is so beautiful!! Haven’t done it yet but plan to shortly. What did you do to lighten the ceiling? But not doing it even though I knew I’d like it just because I thought people would think I was unoriginal and just another “blogger painting her fireplace white” is a pretty lame excuse. I have a Lava rock very 1980’s dated cream fireplace..floor to ceiling is 15 feet and 9 feet wide. The painted fireplace evokes all the values of the old world hearth while honoring the need to maintain one’s home within modern sensibilities. annie diamond says. I loved the stone fireplace in our home but it was more of an eyesore than a feature. I love this! It’s super sticky and allows paint to stick to weird surfaces (like stone) much better. It’s an easier job than it sounds, and we’re here to show you how it’s done. Click here to cancel reply. Clean the fireplace surface with water, an all-purpose cleaner and a wire scrub brush. Those are the ones I actually plan to read, so I know where they are. If you’ve been following my Instagram stories lately, you’ll know that my brick fireplace was recently painted white. Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas. This GORGEOUS home is shared from…” • See all of @michaeldavidstudios's photos and videos on their profile. Hi Mel! Another great color option for a clean but understated painted stone fireplace is to use neutral shades like greys or taupes. The solid-brass construction gives the pull a satisfying weight, while the curve of the interior face allows for a smooth grip. First, the color of the stone is about 50 shades of brown. Compare; Find My Store. Which, that’s pretty silly, right? It can be painted white for a crisp, clean (modern look), left natural (boho look), stained dark (traditional look), cedar (rustic or modern farmhouse look), hung with corbels (cottage), etc. Pleasant Hearth 31.75-in W White Fan-Forced Electric Fireplace. Kaleidoscope Living . Usually I’m seeing a wine rack and now first time a bookcase. Item #2416658. Look for any substantial cracks in the stones or the mortar around them. Now if I can just convince him to help me paint the living room walls to match . Maria Killam. I regret thinking that way. The white-paneled wall gives the entire space character. You’ve updated your stone fireplace with a little sweat and a whole lot of color. The stacked stone ledgers are strips of dark, charcoal marble glued to interlocking panels for easy installation. Eventually I was able to convince my husband to paint it white. The brick wasn’t uniform (built up later with different bricks) and the grout was dark gray. What recommendation do you have for type of paint finish to use on this kind of project? I whitewashed mine using latex mixed with water. Dani says. What a wonderful decor idea! If you still want to add more paint to spots you can add more paint here and there. Lovely fireplace. 01.07.2020 - White Painted Stone & Shiplap Fireplace Makeover | 1000 So I decided to "gray-wash" it…, How to Whitewash a Stone Fireplace – Posh and Chaos, Bumping out 8 feet allows for a modern eat-in kitchen designed to help a couple catch up with their kids. But I much prefer this. Thanks! See how the stone almost disappears? I mean, if Trey and I couldn’t decide on a color together, that would be a good reason. Removing a Brick Fireplace. A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. I would love to see before and after photos! These are just decor, again, like buying $150 of wall paper or some other decor item (faux plants? May 22, 2020 - White Painted Stone & Shiplap Fireplace Makeover A cost effective alternative to a new stone surround. STONE EFFECT PAINT. Also, you live in a place with cold winters, why don’t you have fires in your fireplace? I still don’t like that there is so much brick, but painted it definitely made it less visible to me. Shannon | https://shannonmichelle1.blogspot.com. Between my camel recliner, the mid-century furniture that I love, the parquet floors, and the stone fireplace. We found 14 stylish painted fireplaces to help you decide how you want to decorate yours, ... it really marries the swirls of the natural stone and the yellow and white artwork. The bookshelf confuses me though. Before you paint or whitewash brick or stone, remember that once done, it's difficult (if even possible) to totally undo (absent the skill of a pro and/or a real mess in your home). Above you can see how our fireplace (and this room) looked when we moved in. The top picture is a close up of the stone after I added the gray paint.