Keep your branches and wreaths outside until needed. Cut fresh magnolia branches, remove the leaves, and cut the stems. Finish the swag. You can … Pick leaves from the branches and, with florist's wire, bind them into small bunches. Natural Non-Toxic Living! Optional Magnolia Leave Preservation Method. How to Keep Cut Branches Fresh. I’m here to tell you I found the winning combination and it’s so easy and promise if you follow these two steps your fresh christmas trees, greenery, garlands, and wreaths last, smell, and feel great for several weeks! Aug 14, 2016 - No more pine needled everywhere! Preserving Fresh Cedar Branches. My preserved branches last at least 5 weeks when they are outside in the cold here in Ohio. I use florist wire and twine to keep this little arrangement together. Keep all these plants out of the reach of children and curious pets. I will keep you posted on the status of this method and how much longer the leaves will last. Create a fresh centerpiece. By Sonia Day. Here is what I have learned, through trial and error, about keeping holiday greenery as fresh as possible through the season: Purchase your greenery or wreaths as close to the time you will be using them as possible. I wanted to keep this tradition in my home but wanted to see if I could keep my garland last longer than a week. Important: Be sure to keep the leaves out of direct sunlight as well. Keep greenery out of sunlight. Crush the ends of woody stems to allow the cutting to take in more water. Keep adding three new magnolia branches for every two pieces of evergreen to the base, wrapping the wire continuously without ever cutting it and always covering the previous binding point. Cypress and Boxwood are the best with Pine being the most difficult. Get five expert tips for maintaining flowering branches indoors. Magnolia branches may take three to six weeks to absorb the glycerin. Live cedar branches are frequently cut from evergreen trees and used inside and outside the home as fragrant, decorative boughs. Use a pair of scissors to cut the leaves away from the branch, and crush or cut the stem of the leaf with your scissors to increase absorption. First is the kind of evergreen branches you are preserving. Pine, fir, and cedar branches and wreaths last the longest. Learn how to preserve fresh Evergreen Branches for Christmas. After gathering some Juniper and Carolina Sapphire greenery in a garland (the video shows a similar garland), I added some Magnolia leaves in different sizes and … Keeping Greenery Fresh. Invite the beauty of flowering branches indoors. Without using Mod Podge, magnolia leaves will slowly dry out in about 4-6 weeks. Apr 6, 2010 Matthew Ward/Getty. There are several variables to know how long the preserved branches will last. Use clean, sharp cutters to cut branches and immediately put cut ends into water until ready to use. Position a bunch on a wreath form and bind with wire to hold in place. Select fresh, green growth from the ends of the limbs to get the newest leaves, which will absorb the glycerin more easily. Inside two or three weeks.