To this end, you can ask your hairdresser for advice. Cool undertones in chocolate brown hair color are perfect for individuals with either very light or very dark eyes, such as dark brown, black, blue, or gray. Brownish color shades mixed with chocolate balayage highlights can make your mane look truly fabulous. Naturally, it doesn’t come as a surprise that chocolate brown is one of the most preferred hair colors for them. Q&A with style creator, Jayleen Bush Hairstylist @ The Hot Seat Salon in San Diego, CA. The best thing about the deep red hue is that it looks great on cool and warm skin tones alike. I recommend this look for anyone who wants less upkeep, but still a great change and something fun going on in their hair. We chose a blood orange shade for a full head of highlights. You can wear Dark Chocolate Brown as a monochromatic color or use it as a base color to add highlights or lowlights to. This beautiful hairstyle seems to have all those shades down to the tee. This beautiful hairstyle is very similar to a chocolate brown balayage. These highlights are looking really stunning on short hair. I recommend this look for more of an olive complexion as the warmth of both would work well together. It is perfect for women with cool toned skin and jewel-toned eyes. I styled it with soft waves to show how well the color plays with light – how it glows with sunlight and remains soft with indirect or dim light. Still looking for modern hair colors to follow nowadays? The warm colors look stunning when paired with warm toned skin and eyes that are hazel or brown. I always tell my clients if they invest in their hair color they have to invest in good shampoo! I used a balayage technique. Q&A with style creator, Excitra Sabol Stylist @ Rinse Salon in San Diego, CA. Waves were created with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. What I love the most about this color is that it’s a total transformation, and it maintains an energy of excitement while still being commercial. This red is something most people can get away within a corporate office workplace, but still requires a sense of confidence to own. It was her second session of lightening from a previous at-home box dye. The highlights begin at the mid-lengths and have also been shrewdly placed towards the front for some meticulous framing. If you are by nature, or brown-haired brunette, walk through his hair light brown highlights – the color becomes deeper. Just For Men Original Formula Men’s Hair … Q&A with style creator, Courtney Bond Hairstylist @ Xcentric Hair Studio in Waterloo, ON. The grow out will be especially nice for the client because there is no harsh contrast between her natural dark cocoa brown hair color. I also think it looks beautiful on darker or olive skin tones because it enhances the warm undertones of those complexions. The hair can be worn straight, but to achieve this exact look, simply put waves in the hair with an iron. The dark brown lowlights add depth and dimension to the style. Koleston Permanent Hair Color Cream Chocolate Brown 67 STEP 2 APPLY TO ROOTS. This is a chocolate brown balayage on virgin level 3 hair. The chocolate brown hair color is the ultimate color for the summer where women can flaunt their beautiful color with little or no maintenance. The density of the hair is important since it plays an important role with looking dimensional, but it’s not a necessity. Q&A with style creator, Beah Tagani Color Specialist @ Tricho Salon & Spa in Novi, MI. The balayage begins at the mid-lengths of the hair creating a beautiful melt. This can be maintained with the same time frame as a six to eight week haircut. Thick hair will benefit the most because the shape minimizes bulk in the back and utilizes fullness in the front. It’s suitable for all hair types and I really think it compliments almost any skin because it’s pretty neutral and not too dark. I would describe this look as a natural, sunkissed chocolate brown. The color is vibrant, wearable, and visible at all times without being overwhelming. Chocolate brown hair is a brunette hair color that resembles shades of chocolate candy. The best way to rock this classic color is to get subtle micro highlights that make the color pop and style more dynamic. A sombre is nothing but a subtle ombre, and this hairstyle is the sombre at its finest. The chocolate brown color is suited for all skin tones and looks great for thick hair. Additionally, a light oil such as Unite Oil will help create smoothness and shine while styling, as well as protect the hair from heat styling. I like that this color still has a lot of depth to it, so it’s going to look different in every type of lighting and create some subtle versatility. This color is a perfect fit for those who love that extra burst of color while having a neutral tone balance. This balayage is great for almost every age group from college students to business women. This unusual blend of ice-blonde highlights with milk chocolate brown looks great on cool skin. Because this color is its perfect embodiment. My favorite thing about this color is how natural it looks. This look is a classic brunette with a twist. It’s the perfect length for someone who wants to spend time flat ironing or curling, but they can also wear it up or braid it. This sun-kissed balayage incorporates the perfect melt from dark brunette to a cool cappuccino. If this is the color you want, then your're in luck, because this is possibly the easiest color to achieve. Put on gloves, then add the intense color cream to the developer. This is a subtle, but powerful chocolate to golden brown transformation to maintain a brunette’s natural features while changing their whole look. I love that this haircut is very versatile with the styling, either making it super beachy and messy or curled with a little more refinement. The beautiful light brown transitions into a creamy lighter color. Talk about luscious! The black in this style perfectly enriched with the darkest of brown tones. Find me one woman who does not love this food of the gods. A subtle way of creating an impressive look is to put together a chocolate brown base with mauve undertone. This is an excellent way to add texture to your hair while coloring it. My favorite thing about it is that it’s transitional and looks great in any season! If you are decided to change your hair color look and want to try something new then just explore here and see the Most Recent Fresh Ideas of Milk Chocolate Hair Color for those girls who have the short hair. This vibrant color is perfect for women with warm and olive skin tones. If you want the whole world to see your love for chocolates, there is no better way to do it than with hair color. If you’ve been planning a massive hair change, haircut included, this is probably the perfect style for you. This is my favorite look for the fall season. The lighter color on the ends and around the face keeps it looking more lived-in and natural the more it grows. If you’re a blonde, you’ll need to ask your stylist to go darker and then return regularly for root touchups.Natural brunettes of any shade will have an easier time maintaining the allover dark effect of chili chocolate hair. The rich red hues combined with the dark brunette create a beautiful combination with just enough dimension. Mixing these tones you’ll get a glistering look with not much of an effort. Starting off with a beautiful milk chocolate brown this color fades to a creamy blonde. Once you have your color down, all there is left to do is decide on the style and placement. “HAIR COLOR “milk chocolate” looks very advantageous with dark skin” Chocolate hair color is best combined with dark skin and brown or green eyes. It instead offers a low maintenance cut that accentuates the fullness of her hair. Non-professional brands have a tendency to strip the color out of your hair. It’s great for someone in business or an office who needs to remain on the natural spectrum. Regardless of skin tone or complexion, this is one color that anyone can pull off. It has all the qualities you could ever hope for in a natural hair color, as well as effortless luster throughout the day and night. In general, this shade requires the minimum amount of lifting for dark hair, and in … The painted pieces also show the depth of layers and are designed for the perfect wave curl. A volumizing mist mixed with a smoothing cream will help her achieve a bodified blowout without frizz. Chocolate with micro ombré to add dimension is one of the best ways to make fine hair appear full and voluminous. Ever seen a hair color that feels like it will melt if you stare too long? A bride would also benefit from this type of balayage because it simply enhances your natural beauty. With that in mind, I color melted a rich red violet into the chocolate brown shade to give her some extra depth and dimension. I recommend this look for the low maintenance client. We wanted a big change! Q&A with style creator, Camron Robles Hairstylist @ Moxi Hair Studio in Albuquerque, NM. What You Should Know When Choosing Chocolate Brown Hair: Here are the best chocolate brown hair colors right now. What are your favorite chocolate brown hair colors? I would describe this looks as a low maintenance yet glamorous medium chocolate brown hair color melt. Here belong the varied “tasty” shades of this dark color: truffle, chocolate cherry, brown sugar, milky hot chocolate.