Rare Border Fine Arts BFA Charolais Ram B0774 Limited Edition Boxed. The Highlights - Retallack Ram Sale. The 2500 acre property is the home of the Dunnield Border Leicester Stud located Central Western NSW Australia. It has a long and dignified history, and was developed in 1767 in Northumberland, England. Type of Resource. 0 bids. HEAD. This sponsorship is in the form of a commission on insurance taken with WFI by members. - Click on the facebook logo to go to the ABLA Official Facebook Page. Females for sale … Gleneith Park is situated 10km south of Ganmain, in a mixed farming area. 14 Suffolk Shearlings, 229 Suffolk Ram Lambs, 48 Texel Shearlings, 131 Texel Ram Lambs, 5 Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings, 7 Bluefaced Leicester Ram Lambs, 7 Border Leicester Shearlings, 10 Border Leicester Ram Lambs, 12 Charollais Shearlings, 27 Charollais Ram Lambs, 27 Beltex Shearlings, 3 Beltex Ram Lambs, 21 Blue Texel Shearlings, 25 Blue Texel Ram … The Baringa Border Stud Flock 4824 was founded in 2013. Rare BFA Border Fine Arts Border Leicester Tup Ram Ltd Ed . By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Welcome to the Australian Border Leicester Association. The Baringa Border Leicester rams are renowned for breeding quality 1st XB ewes with even type & … Download Options. Border Leicester sheep prices vary based on a number of factors including age, DNA, health, and breed characteristics. RAM SELLING SEASON. All download options. Ganmain itself is 55 km northwest of Wagga and 50 km east of Narrandera in an area synonymous of its hay and chaff production along with livestock and cropping enterprises.Gleneith Park is the home of the Gleneith Border Leicester Stud, a … 4790. I hope that this site will help you discover the true potential of the amazing, versatile Border Leicester! £105.00. Talkook Border Leicester stud was founded in 1968 by Bob Anderson. BREED CHARACTERISTICS. Copy. The clean aquiline head, and not overheavy shoulders mean that the Border Leicester Ram can safely be used on the smallest ewes, e.g. 6 border Leicester ewes 1 border Leicester ram well bred sheep 2 ewes have lambs 2 more to lamb for this season $2800 the lot Also have 6 xb ewes $200 each $1140 the lot Located narromine. Annual Sale of 124 Border Leicester Sheep Comprising 20 Gimmers, 19 Ewe Lambs, 1 Shearling and 84 Ram Lambs Catalogue below Border Leicester ram. Clearance rates and sale averages have risen steeply in comparison to 2019 for the vast majority of stud breeders, with the jewel in the crown the … There also many adverts offering private sales of beautiful Border Leicester shearling ewes and rams. Read on through our site where you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding the history, description and uses of the Border Leicester sheep, their fleeces and their beautiful wool! and 15 tempting shades. Our story begins way back in 1997 when I bought a couple of rare breed, British Border Leicester ewe lambs from Lanark Auction Mart. after a chance encounter with a huge ram, at East of England Show, I was hooked. Through a mix of new and traditional methods our breeders will continue to keep the breed an important part of the lamb industry. T F P. The picture above shows shearling rams at Kelso Ram Sales. Medium size, smooth crown, medium width in forehead, and even down the face to slightly Roman nose, deep through from eye. Name of the breed came from the fact that their birthplace is near the border of Scotland with their foundation stock being Dishley Leicester … The Hooper family did an outstanding job with their sheep, it was an easy decision to … Free postage. Last chance to buy Border Leicester tup lambs from Drennans until next year. Their white wool tends to be very long and by Merino standards, broad crimped, and in fineness about 32 to 38 microns, and is used for medium- to heavy-weight garments. But that didn't prove a disadvantage when they sold the top-priced ram for $6500. CONTACT US | click on map to enlarge Graham and Isabella Grinter "Retallack" 326 Tidds Lane (via Mandamah Forrest Road) Ariah … Dunnield, owned by Peter and Fiona Howe, has been in the Howe family since 1896. This wool, though, is prized by spinners because of the crimp an… 300px. The Border Leicester ram can have a huge role to play in any commercial sheep producer’s economic outcome. Held On Property at Mundulla in South Australia. 10th ON PROPERTY RAM SALE Offering 31 Border Leicester Rams WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14th, 2020, 1.00pm Inspections from 11:30 am Displaying excellent growth for age, muscling and length with a good Welcome to Inverbrackie Border Leicester Stud, showcasing Australia’s largest selection of high performance Border Leicester rams. In this section we let you know where and when you can go to buy the Border Leicester.There also many adverts offering private sales of beautiful Border Leicester shearling ewes and rams.The picture above shows shearling rams at Kelso Ram Sales. Permalink. The Makeham Family began breeding Border Leicester Sheep in 1957 when Jeffery Makeham purchased 4 ewes from Yarrison Stud and a New Zealand bred ram from Harakeke Stud. Everything you ever wanted to know about Border Leicester Sheep - the sheep industry's "Great Improver". Principal Ian Gilmore said Baringa was the only one of the seven studs represented at Horsham's annual Border Leicester sale that didn't have a physical presence at the auction. Paxton Border Leicester Stud Flock no. The McIndoe Family bred Blue Faced Leicester sheep when residing in Scotland where they had great success with many top priced rams at the Kelso Ram Sale, and holding the record price for a dispersal sale in Scotland. or Best Offer. A wonderful sheep with over 200 years of history! We are running 200 breeding ewes supplying approx. THE BREED WITH A PROUD HISTORY AND A POSITIVE FUTURE. Great skins and very correct. All I knew was that. The point of Difference at Wattle Farm is we buy the highest of quality rams on the market to ensure our client get the best … The Border Leicester is renowned for its docility and good maternal qualities. They grow, process and sell  this rare breed, slaughter free, Border Leicester pure British wool in 4ply, DK and Aran weight yarns in a spectrum of tempting shades. Retallack is 9km north of Ariah Park, 110km north of Wagga Wagga, 110km north east of Narrandra, 60km south of West Wyalong, 50km west of Temora. © 2013 Australian Border Leicester Association                                    Design by  JaM Marketing & Design Ph: 0417 086 828                                                All rights reserved. Gleneith Border Leicester Stud 2016 Ram Preview. All the fleeces were hand picked for this Limited Edition Yarn from the flock which is slaughter-free.The yarn itself is so beautiful and comes in 3 weights. 100 rams a year to all areas of N.S.W. George Arents Collection. They now join … The Border Leicester is a very versatile animal, either producing commercial halfbred females as flock replacements, or butcher’s lambs. The Coolawang Annual On-Property Ram Sale is held in October each year with a large selection of Border Leicester Stud and Flock rams. The entire Wongary Stud based at Wrattonbully, South Australia was purchased in 2009. In this section we let you know where and when you can go to buy the Border Leicester. Top priced stud ram to Ryan & Greg Koschitzke in the 2019 Sale DOWNLOAD Sale Results 2020 DOWNLOAD Sale Results 2019 DOWNLOAD Sale Results 2018 DOWNLOAD Sale … Wattle Farm Border Leicester Stud was established in 2005 by Jeff Sutton and family to meet the growing demand for quality Border Leicester Flock and Stud Rams in the Riverinia and State wide. In 2015 the first pure Border Leicester yarn was processed from the Doulton Flock. Cadell Border Leicester Stud. Welcome to the Australian Border Leicester Association. However, on average, you can expect to see a healthy Border Leicester breeding ram sell anywhere from {MALES}. £14.00 postage. First cross Border Merino ewes are sought after by leading lamb producers across the country because of their ability to produce large numbers of quality lambs, over a wide range of climatic conditions. WELCOME. Ending Sunday at 7:28AM GMT 8h 6m. We also have details of the beautiful Border Leicester yarn produced by The Doulton Flock from North Yorkshire, showing what amazing fleece and wool the breed produces. Dubbo, NSW. Besides the huge production advantages that can be made through hybird vigour, the crossing of a Border Leicester ram over the readily available Merino ewes, produces a ewe that has far superior maternal and meat producing traits than those of the … Gleneith Border Leicester Stud 2016 Ram Preview. Out of those 17 ewes covered they scanned doubles, two triplets … Three Border Leicester tup lambs sired by our stock ram, Didcot Duster. Art Print. 22/11/2020. Sheep shows are a public forum for the display and comparison of individual animals from many different studs. The live weight of a mature Border Leicester ram is in the range of 140–175 kg (309–386 lb) and a mature ewe 90–120 kg (200–260 lb). Ready to work. THE sterling reputation of the first-cross ewe and the downturn in the wool market are factors being credited for the amazing success of Border Leicester ram sales this season. Once the Border Leicester ram was introduced to the commercial flock (Suffolk, Milford and Texel cross ewes) 17 ewes were served within the first 24 hours at the ram’s ease (Alison says he was that active – he would have done the neighbour’s ewes as well). The Stud was registered under the prefix of Taringa Downs. All Made in Yorkshire. Cigarette cards. The first cross (both ewe and wether portion) also have a far superior skin than the Merino skin, with the elimination of wrinkles and ribbing. $0 Negotiable. Many of the sires we have bred and use in our breeding program are in the top 1%, and in recent years, the Inverbrackie flock average continues to sit around the top 10% of Border Leicesters. £89.99. Coolawang also uses Lambplan. Click & Collect. Auctions are held on property by various studs and all studs conduct private sales.. WFI are proud sponsors of the Australian Border Leicester Association. Australia's dominant sheep breed is the Merino, based on its wool production. From here, the family established the Smithston Border Leiceter stud in Australia in 2001. 760px. Small (300px) Standard (760px) Order. still image. More Details Cite This Item Image ID 1562891. Ewes & Lambs - Merino x Border Leicester. Welcome to Border Leicester Sheep! Click & Collect. The stud was established for the purpose of both meeting the high demand for 1st cross ewe clients, as well as the purpose of production & stocking for Bob’s family farm enterprise, trading as Mount Pleasant Pastoral Company. On our site you will read all sorts of interesting information - how the breed came to be - what a Border Leicester should look like - what the Border Leicester can do for other breeds. The Border Leicester’s key strengths are as follows: Hybrid vigour - producing high performance breeding ewes The Stud was established by Max and Jenni Howe in 1954, on Kelso bloodlines. Border Leicester Prices. Welcome to the site of the Cadell Border Leicester Stud . Over many years the Border Leicester has proved itself to be the number one maternal breed in Australia. Genre. A yearling ewe is around 64 kg (141 lb). Over many years the Border Leicester has proved itself to be the number one maternal Coolawang rams are OJD MAP MN3V and Brucellosis Accredited. Home of the Long Body Ram. Original Scan. Join us in celebrating 10 years of Lynwood Border Leicesters! breed in Australia. They are a meeting point for studmasters, classers, Border Leicester enthusiasts, wool brokers, agents and commercial sheep breeders, providing opportunities for interaction and education with awards for excellence in Border Leicester breeding. Additional stud ewes were purchased from Terreppee and a stud ram” Crymelon … The main advantages of using a Border Leicester Ram. SuperBorders is the brand name for Border Leicester rams that are of high genetic merit for a first cross ewe production system. Border Leicester Sheep for Sale. This site uses cookies. The Border Leicester sheep is a dual-purpose breed of domestic sheep originated from United Kingdom. Established 1946 • Annual Sale - First Friday in October . Shearlings tend to fetch from {FEMALES} and lambs sell from … For more information on how this rebate works contact Ian Carr on 08 87566030. Each year there are major multi vendor sales at Royal Adelaide Show, Perth Royal, Dubbo Show and Sale and Horsham Border Leicester Show and Sale. Lambing percentages vary between 165-180%. the very successful Welsh Halfbred which is produced from … With the $1500 top-priced Border Leicester ram at last week's Dinninup ram sale were buyers Chris (left) and Robyn Patmore, Riverbend Border Leicester stud, Eneabba, Elders stud stock prime lamb specialist Michael O'Neill and Moss Hill Farms stud principals Rob Ivey and Wendy Cochrane. The Border Leicester x Merino cross ewe has become renowned for producing and raising high percentages of top quality lambs that grow rapidly to heavy weights. Division. I knew very little about sheep, even less about Border Leicesters at that time.