This was not necessarily news, but it reminded me a little of the moment when you first realize that the eye is not a window, even into the soul, but an organ with its own opacity. I was in a strange city and in a strange bed filled with the overabundant warmth of a hotel room. The peripheral nervous system consists of: 1. Like the energy wave, there is no resisting this. The transition from sleep to waking implies physiological processes which lead to a new behavioural state. This would make sense if the consequences of sleep loss were more benign. It also becomes impossible to imagine that humans have somehow escaped the evolutionary imperative of their environment. The good sleepers said, ''I was asleep.'' The one thing this society seems to have wanted all along was to stay up way past its evolutionary bedtime. Like a kid with an 8:30 bedtime in the eternal twilight of summer, I can't quite bear to quit consciousness. While humans worry about how much further we can compact our actual sleep time, we've already jettisoned six nightly hours of quiet winter rest. Visible fatigue is an acceptable pledge of earnestness and ambition, and there is a profound reluctance in the business world even to acknowledge the subject of sleep loss. That's the bottom line. Enlightenment leaves us lighter, clearer, and aware on a high level. Adyashanti talks in detail about this in his book, The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment, which I highly recommend. What was sleep like before television, before electric lights, before the industrial revolution, before agriculture? And yet as scientists come closer to understanding the mechanisms of circadian rhythms -- and as sleep deprivation emerges as a major public health issue -- they find themselves still confronting the enigma of sleep's purpose itself. It is nothing but the realization of a truth that already belongs to you—you only need to chose to see it. You realize that a lot of what you’ve been taught is a lie. Some people -- a tiny minority -- worry that they sleep too much to prosper in these frenetic times. Darkness is piling up toward winter, the season of long nights, but the city is hardwired into a different kind of time: market time, phone time, Web time, grid time, tube time, train time, drive time, flight time, bank time, lab time, work time -- all of them synchronized, to one degree or another, with atomic time, a second of which, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, equals ''9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium-133 atom.'' When a subject had been asleep for 10 minutes, judging by behavior and brain-wave patterns, Rechtschaffen went into the room, woke the subject and asked him what he had been doing. For each one of these symptoms, I can promise you our resistance to and fear of them only prolongs them. Awakening is a crucial event for the organism. Since awakening is an intensifying of becoming the observer of reality, a pulling back to recalibrate what we understand existence is, I think of vertigo as the camera man having a moment of unsteadiness before re-securing his grip. Some days you will feel over-energized, others you’ll be completely exhausted. You start to see how many beliefs, feelings, … Why do we oscillate? I had no spiritual mentor by my side to inform me my symptoms were CAUSED by my awakening. Like flight controllers, the radio traffic-jocks call out coordinates, indecipherable to a visitor. They develop internal clocks -- genes and cells and clusters of cells capable of generating a biological night and a biological day. When these are finally released, it unleashes a massive tidal wave of energy in our systems. There are so many cracks in this false reality that it is easy to fall through one if you are … A leg will kick out or your arm will rise. But this mouse, whose SCN was intact, had two copies of a mutant allele of the ''clock'' gene. This happens during awakening because our minds completely If you have a sleep disorder, it could be a sign that your pineal gland is … I write things down in journals to keep track of moments I want to preserve, keep a clear schedule, and don’t worry when someone asks for details of a past event that have softened in my mind. Shift workers especially -- perhaps 20 percent of America's work force -- find themselves in perpetual conflict with the social and environmental cues around them; as a result, they experience higher rates of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disease, as well as depression and infertility. Carskadon's hypothesis is that the entry into adolescence and the dislocations of mood and conduct associated with it mark the maturing of the circadian system. For instance, my eye sight has recently improved and I completely stopped grinding my teeth at night. Most of my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood were inaccessible to me. Sunrise and nightfall recalibrate the internal clocks of these creatures, so that in winter their biological night is long and in summer it is short. Every attachment we have, both subtle and profound—all labels, anything we have decided we are—crumbles away. It ties into the flux of energy in our systems as we regulate and adjust to it. Sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, circadian disorders, and narcolepsy are specifically associated with symptoms of tiredness upon awakening. The bad sleepers said, ''I was awake, of course. But what it would never, ever elect to do again is turn out the lights and roost when the chickens roost. It is extremely likely that in humans too there is a clock gene, probably on chromosome 4. These are permanent shifts as our being is literally remade from the energetic level upwards. ringing right now as I write this! Nor do the circadian clocks (there is evidence of at least two) simply switch on at night and off in the day, or vice versa. For humans, the free-running circadian period is about 25 hours, which means that in a similar experiment the vertical bars on a human sleep-activity record would drift to the right. This is a complicated one for me, because I already had severe memory loss due to CPTSD caused by prolonged childhood abuse. The quality of sleep in humans begins to deteriorate as early as the late 30's, and when the quality of sleep goes, so goes its restorative effect on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. If brain warming is the primary function of REM sleep, then it should occur in other animals with similar states. It’s the definition of unsettling, as every aspect of who we are is reshaped. ''We did a number of experiments showing that the fetus was always in time with the mother. I can tell you the The neuroscience of sleep is the study of the neuroscientific and physiological basis of the nature of sleep and its functions. Despite this growth, sleep medicine is just now beginning to be taught in medical school, and only within the past year has the American Medical Association recognized sleep medicine as a self-designated specialty. And then, sleep came back. My right ear’s But we haven't nailed it down. Mom's melatonin rhythm is a very precise marker of her circadian system. ''As we age,'' Eve Van Cauter had explained to me, ''we lose the ability to produce deep sleep, and the intensity of the deep sleep is less.