This can seem misleading if you aren't in the know as often the lower (bass) stings of a classical guitar feature winding that is metallic. Hurricane … Still today it is my #1 acoustic. He is the owner of The Music Kitchen and Audio Addiction Music Library, a production music library with worldwide distribution. The back and sides are mahogany, and the 20-fret fretboard and bridge are rosewood. Not only is this great for a beginner who wants to be able to play for awhile without their hands feeling like they’re going to cramp, but this guitar is has a surprising warm tone to it, and I’d say pretty affordable. They made the action super low, and they have light string gauges on the guitar as well among other things they’ve done to enhance this guitars ease of play. 1.1.1 Pros; 1.1.2 Cons; 1.2 2- Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Guitar. Taylor 114CE Jumbo Acoustic Guitar [amazon box=”B01MY4WB2H” template=”horizontal”] This best acoustic guitar is one of the quality acoustic guitars available in the budget. There should not be any loud buzzes which indicate that the action is set too low. Quality guitars like these top picks will encourage your efforts to practice and learn the instrument. The JV50 is an entry-level dreadnought acoustic guitar that comes packaged into an IJV50 JamPack bundle. Source is credible (came from manufacturer by representative, company website, manual, or other verified source), Only including well-established quality guitar brands in this article, Grover Chrome open gear tuners with Butterbean Knobs. It’s worth it! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I’ve seen electrics with higher actions than this. Here’s another quick test: Slide a quarter under the high E string at the 12th fret. The good news is that if you find a guitar you like, but the action is not set up correctly, in most cases it’s easily adjusted by a guitar tech. Have someone play various guitars while you listen a few feet in front of the guitar. All information in this article comes directly from each guitar manufacturers website. They are perfect for players with small hands and are comfortable to play for almost all players. Learn how your comment data is processed. Gibsons set theirs at medium high, and Epiphone is definitely high with theirs being 7/32 on the bass end. These are just plain to me (yes I understand this is extremely picky), and the tone is just to bright for my personal taste. The all-black body sets it apart in an instant. The bracing supports the guitar’s structure while enhancing its tonal qualities. SUPER CHEAP Acoustic Guitars (That’ll Give You Goosebumps) And in general are just incredible guitars. Check out the list of great affordable guitars: Martin DX1AE Dreadnought Acoustic Electric The DX1AE is one of Martin’s medium priced guitars. Uncommon for inexpensive guitars, the FA-100 comes set up nicely and ready to play out of the box. The internal bracing is quartersawn scalloped Sitka spruce. Overall, it’s an excellent choice from the iconic Washburn brand that produces quality acoustic guitars without sacrificing some of the features of higher-end guitars such as solid wood tops and inlay work. It’s another guitar in this price range that sounds surprisingly good! The brand Tayloe might not be as popular as Fender, but if you need a low-action, thin neck acoustic guitar, this brand (specifically, the Taylor 114E is worth considering ( Check Price Here ). This article was updated on September 3, 2019. Its neck includes a truss rod for minor adjustments for buzzing or intonation, and it comes with a wrench designed for these adjustments. In contrast, Epiphone and Gibson guitar necks tend to be really chunky, which makes them challenging for a lot of beginners and players with small hands to play. To be fair, you can’t expect the sound and quality of a 1000 dollar guitar, but these guitars are ideal for everyone who’s starting out learning to play guitar and wants good value for their money. This Washburns tone is a little hard to describe, I’d say it’s heavy but not dark. (But some of these options will push the price above the $200 point). The guitar’s action refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard. Of course, if you like a nice bright tone on your acoustic….then this is definitely the model for you. Classically trained finger-pickers may find the low action unsettling; Big investment upfront; 5. This review is going to focus on the very affordable FG800 and FS800 models which were introduced in 2016. Yamaha FGX700SC. Unfortunately, guitar manufacturers know that most people like their guitar actions medium, those that don’t it’s just simply easier for them to make their actions higher. NOTE: If you’re new to buying acoustic guitars, please first check out the How To Choose An Acoustic Guitar section after the reviews. You want to get an idea of what body style and size is most comfortable for you. A tiny bit of buzz on strings can be OK, but loud buzzes or “dead” notes indicate issues that need to be investigated further by a guitar tech. While acoustic guitars can run from $50 up to many thousands of dollars, finding a quality instrument under $200 isn’t difficult. The Quilted Maple Art Grain top makes it a strong and attractive acoustic guitar. In this article, I’m going to share some of the best affordable Acoustic Guitars that you should invest your money on. Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars (Under $200) Reviews, How To Choose An Acoustic Guitar Buyers Guide, 5 Best Guitar Tuners For Electric Guitars. First introduced in 1966, the Yamaha FG series of guitars have been a resounding success. Some of the guitars I review below have solid wood tops, which makes them stand out from the crowd! At Sweetwater, our guitar experts have been hard at work compiling a list of the best acoustic guitars on the market this year to make your guitar buying experience hassle free. It’s clear and bright, and a step above the sound of the FA-100 or FA-115. Though they are better known for their electric guitars and basses, they also produce a well-regarded line of acoustic guitars. All That Remains Guitarist Death looks “Suspicious” According to Police. The tuners are quality die-cast tuners found on all of the FG series guitars, and the pickguard has a classic tortoise pattern. The types of woods used are a significant component of the guitar’s tone and overall sound, with the wood used for the guitar’s top being the most important. I contemplated upgrading to a higher priced guitar but decided to invest some money$ in this one I already have and upgraded to a bone nut and saddle and changed the pins from the plastic it came with to Ebony and got different strings and had it professionally set up and it sounds like a $500 guitar now. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, If you have any questions or think I should change something please leave a comment below, thanks so much. Many owners just have one case for multiple guitars. If the action is set too low, then you’ll hear buzzes when playing notes. Many guitars come without one. Not a guitar brand known for much except for metal, I really wasn’t expecting to put any Ibanez guitars on my list, but as it turns out they have a really really low action without buzz, I found in their manual that they have their acoustics at 2.3/32. This guitar was specifically made by Taylor so that it would be as easy as possible for beginners, or people with more sensitive hands to play. All Accessories Acoustic Guitars Amplifiers Bass Effects Electric Guitars Music Vintage. For slightly more than the FA-100 bundle, you can get a similar bundle with the CD-60S. You know, I wasn’t to surprised to say this, but if you’re looking for a low action guitar right from the manufacturer……. Part of the reason the DR-100 sounds so good it that it features a solid wood spruce top. Once you’ve determined the size of the guitar, next up is its sound quality. The Music Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All content © 2020 The Music Kitchen, Inc. All rights reserved. Simply because it’s not practical. They are known for quality instruments that have played a part in the history of music over the last 130 years! Overall, the action, intonation, and playability are excellent, which is a plus for entry-level guitarists. First, have a guitar tech set up the guitar’s action and intonation. With a proper setup, the guitar has the potential to play like a much more expensive guitar. I’ll update this article once I figure out for sure how their set up configuration is. The second thing to consider is intonation. All at the same time however, this particular guitar has tons and tons of electric characteristics. The top wood is a spruce laminate, which is a typical wood for lower cost acoustics. What gives our opinions so much weight on this topic?While we are I replaced the Fender FA-125 with the Fender CD-60S, and added the Fender FA-115. Spruce is a preferred wood for guitar tops as it allows the sound of the guitar to evolve as the wood ages naturally. (Experiment). The gentle curves of the scratch plate and the floral accents puts it over the edge. Almost sounds like a fender acoustic. All the guitars I’ve reviewed are perfect for beginners and are an excellent value for the money. Mottola's Cyclopedic Dictionary of Lutherie Terms is now available here. So that becomes an extra expense, and that money could go towards a higher priced (and better quality) guitar. Even the bridge has a mustache theme with pearl inlay while the fretboard has crown markers. Take a listen, decide for yourself. This is my personal guitar, I find the tone of this acoustic to be perfect and when I was hunting for a guitar that was easy to play when I had lost some hand strength (couldn’t play for awhile due to injury) this is the guitar I chose. Broke and Talented is a collective group of musicians who blog to help other musicians with “The Struggle.” The Go-To site for Musicians everywhere. The headstock features the traditional Jasmine curved shape with chrome overlay tuners. Best Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Under $1000. It also has a mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard. It also features mahogany back and sides, and a mahogany neck. Unfortunately, inexpensive guitars frequently come from the factory not set up correctly. As a larger guitar, it produces a warm, full tone with plenty of bottom end, something not usually found in under $200 guitars. The DR-100 is Epiphone’s best-selling acoustic guitar. Thanks in advance for your support! Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first acoustic guitar or you’re just looking for an inexpensive guitar,  the best affordable acoustic guitars will give you excellent sound quality with easy playability, all at an affordable price. Coupled with a slim C profile neck, low action and a Graph Tech NuBone nut, this is a quality instrument that punches well above its weight. It’s a full-size dreadnought acoustic that has found a home with beginners and professional players alike. Furthermore, it has low string action. So, what gives us the right to say which guitars are best in this price range? The IJV50 Jampack is designed for beginning players who want a complete package of everything they need – the JV50 guitar, chromatic clip-on tuner, gig bag, strap, stand, pics, and extra strings – all at a very affordable price. The JV50 has a well-balanced tone, though a little thin on the bass. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. I bought the Fender FA-125 after sampling the Fender F100 and I love it! These are absolutely incredible sounding guitars and are worth looking into it. You can learn more about him on the About page. This arrangement may seem strange at first, but it does offer good positioning once you get used to it. 1.2.1 Pros; 1.2.2 Cons; 1.3 3- Cross Guitar 2.0: Folding/Foldable Guitar. The acoustic is crafted from a good selection of tonewoods, including a solid Sitka spruce top as well as mahogany high-pressure laminate (HPL) back and sides. Necks come in different widths as well, so holding the guitar is crucial to deciding the style that fits you best. The video below is a short demo of the guitar. The FG800 includes Yamaha’s newly developed scalloped bracing utilizing their latest cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology. It is a perfect combination of fury, speed, and expression. Priced under $100, it is an exceptional value. 10 Affordable Acoustic Guitars for All Styles and Skill Levels Justin Mastine-Frost 4/20/2020. In the following video, you can hear the FA-115 has a crisper brighter tone. When choosing an acoustic guitar, be sure to look for one that’s comfortable for you to play. Dave Grohl Cooks BBQ for the California Firefighters. The guitar also features Yamaha’s trademark ultra-thin glossy finish that protects the wood without interfering with string vibrations. The FA-100’s X-bracing gives stability to the guitar’s ability to withstand the tension produced by the strings. This list consists of all acoustic guitars, that come directly out of the factory set up with a low action height, which is more comfortable for most guitar players especially beginning players. The Fender CD-60S is another entry-level guitar that’s geared towards beginning guitarists. The CD-60S is an upgrade from the highly regarded CD-60 that has thousands of happy users worldwide. It also features lightweight nato (eastern mahogany) back & sides and a rosewood fretboard and bridge. Michael is a veteran award-winning composer, publisher, and producer. Acoustic Bass Guitar: low action: medium action: high action: E: G: E: G: E: G: 0.140" 0.110" 0.170" 0.140" 0.205" 0.170" Electric Bass Guitar: low action: medium action: high action: E: G: E: G: E: G: 0.125" 0.095" 0.155" 0.125" 0.190" 0.155" Check Out My Latest Book! Here’s the thing: If the string height is too low, the guitar will basically be unplayable. While I agree, some guitars in this price range do come with a gig bag, which is better than nothing. The action is set at a proper height, and most users find no issues with intonation. Or if you play a lot of electric guitar even I would recommend the same. These are all full-size guitars. Has an action height lower than 3/32 on the bass end. All at the same time however, this particular guitar has tons and tons of electric characteristics. Its slim tapered design makes it a more comfortable choice for beginners and players of smaller stature. First off, instruments under $100 are usually not worth the money. However, the DR-100 sounds like a guitar that costs 2-3x its price. To check the action, start by playing different notes up and down the neck. The WD7S has a tonal quality similar to a Martin but at a fraction of the price. Epiphone was purchased by Gibson in the 1950s but continues to produce its products in its own factories here in the U.S. It amazes how many of these guitar manufacturers didn’t have this information available on their websites, and for those that did……thank you. But overall, it won’t do you any good to bargain shop the cheapest guitars because a poorly-made guitar that’s not set up correctly will frustrate any effort you make to practice and learn. The FA-100 has quality die-cast chrome sealed tuners that are quite good for a guitar in this price range. Being a dreadnought, the guitar produces a full sound that’s won many admirers. Epiphone guitars have been a part of the history of blues, jazz, R&B, and rock since the early 1920s. Though not as widely known as other guitar makers, Epiphone has been making musical instruments since 1873. The DR-100 features quality premium nickel tuners that hold each string’s tuning well without slippage. Or is its tone tubby and muddy? Proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a quality guitar these days! It really is an affordable option. Dreadnought guitars are the most popular type of acoustic guitars. Turns out it’s much, much, much cheaper. Only Issue? These guitars are perfect for children and those with small hands. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The WG7S has a solid-wood spruce top which is a step above a laminate top. The two most important things to check out are the guitar’s action and intonation. So, as a buyer, would you buy an unplayable guitar? They have a larger soundboard than concerts or auditoriums, so they are louder and project very well. The S35 does have strap pegs, but the upper peg us actually under the neck instead of above. Jasmine claims their bracing technique not only strengthens the guitar’s construction but markedly improves its sound quality. Check Current Price . Very loud. Best of the Best: Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Runner Up: Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Best Cheap: ARTALL 39 Inch Handmade Solid Wood Acoustic Cutaway Guitar Beginner Kit Best for Beginners: Directly Cheap Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Best for Intermediate and Advanced: Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar