Here at Rockland you will enjoy a traditional, Private Club atmosphere, where you can gather with friends or business associates and entertain in casual elegance. Stay & Play Offers . Such bunkers play bigger than they look as balls are swept into them from well away. The clubhouse was built in 1929. What goes down has to come up and if the uphill holes are a slog, the overall merit of the course suffers proportionately. 134 Lower Sheep Pasture Road, Setauket, NY 11733 (631) 751-0585 Pro Shop-LI X-way to Exit 62 (Nicholas Road)-Go north approx. On April 16, 1915, St. George’s “founding father”, Devereux Emmet, convened a meeting of ten wealthy gentlemen in NYC to consider the acquisition of property for a golf course. The green follows the natural grade of the terrain, sloping from front right to back left. St. George’s is a traditional golf club with a world-ranked golf course. Nothing could be further from the truth! Look at this nearly 50 yard long strip bunker. All members should be aware of our standards of dress and should inform their guests of these standards. Happily, some of the climbers – the superb fifth and fourteenth – are among the course’s best. Website. Middle Island, New York Private 5.0. It is a certainty that he gave it his all, a fact that is borne out by the quality of the individual holes today. Commack, New York. Courses Near You. In recent years, St. George’s Golf & Country Club set about highlighting what makes the course unique rather than masking its idiosyncrasies. Private Clubs. Emmet and Macdonald were long time friends who traveled together extensively here and abroad. Click link to view. To my eye, each and every hole at St. George’s seems to have a feature or two that makes it unique and memorable. Write Review. Also, the open farmland lent the course a sense of spaciousness generally reserved for links or heathland golf. Indeed, that’s very neat. It was agreed that a course should be built in the links style. Travel East on the Long Island Expressway to Exit 62. Call them old fashioned but Emmet’s irregularly shaped hazards act as genuine hazards. Couples. St. George's Golf & Country Club: 1917 to 2017 Devereux Emmet's Long Island Legacy East Setauket, NY 11733 United States. Quite the contrary, the flagpole is extra long as seen from behind the tenth green. Find out about upcoming events at the St. George’s Golf and Country Club in Long Island. This view from back right of the green highlights Emmet’s unique bunkering style as well as the volume of fill used to create the green pad. Waters worked on the grounds crew at St. George’s as a kid. Emmet spent months scouring central Long Island. Here the fairway plunges sharply downhill and out of view over the hill’s brow but its cant to the left provides golfers the real opportunity to have their tee ball find the only level patch of fairway long down the left side. … a moat bunker that is deeper than most golfers are tall. Miranda, Michael, 38 holes ~Semifinals~ For regular play, St. George’s is par-71 for men and par-71/72 for ladies. Nissequogue Golf Club is a private club for the exclusive use of its members and their guests. Add in the texture that Jessie and the club have since carefully cultivated and you end up with a visually striking course. Another one of St. George’s gathering bunkers sucks in errant approach shots as the ground’s cant and fairway grass deposit balls into it. This course has stood strong as the city has grown and new courses have been added. The result is his undisputed masterpiece, St. George’s Golf & Country on the north shore of Long Island. The real question was what flavor, exactly. Yet, it’s a mistake to lump all Golden Age courses together. This 18 hole golf facility was built in 1917 by the famed architect Devereux Emmet. ST. GEORGE'S GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB - "RESCHEDULED" THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 2018. The same is not true for St. George’s; most of it is as fresh today as when the course opened. Is this the world’s shortest flag stick?! Styles and green sophistication evolved dramatically through this era until the start of World War II. Graeme McCarrel, grew up as a golf and curling member at St. George’s. If this late autumn photograph taken from the clubhouse porch doesn’t make you itch to play golf, stop reading. This is one of the most distinctive green complexes in world golf, all thanks to the imagination and creativity of Emmet. World-class golf, close to home. Ranked among the world’s finest courses, St. George’s offers a premier golf and country club escape from life’s hustle and bustle. The golf course has been a part of St. George for 30+ years. Contact Us. There’s a dearth of classic architecture in western Canadian, so giving the Derrick an old-fashion look and feel was obvious. Write Review. Apart from Seth Raynor, who was Macdonald’s construction supervisor, no one had a better vantage point to watch as NGLA unfurled than Emmet who intently studied the entire process. To do so, our restoration efforts were somewhat akin to an archeological dig.  With the guidance of Gil Hanse, the historic bones of our course have been uncovered for all to see.  Our green committee and Green Keeper Adam Jessie really sank their teeth into the project, patiently following Gil’s plan of restoring width and shot options throughout the design. Each golfer elects where on the hill to land his approach shot. Joining a Long Island Country Club is a great way to enjoy days filled with recreation and entertainment, and indulge in a favorite Long Island pastime! The adoption of that plan got a shove in the right direction when Adam Jessie arrived from Shinnecock Hills as Green Keeper in 2007 and after the club board led by President John Ammerman embraced the details of Hanse’s vision the following year. Regardless of the sequence of holes, Emmet’s routing gives the golfer a clear sense of the property’s virtues and provides a superb mix of holes. East Coast Conference. This hole with its two magnificent bunkers and imaginative green contours epitomizes how Emmet packed a punch every step of the way. Indeed, the author contends that the some of NGLA’s famous green pads both inspired and emboldened Emmet. Rockland Country Club was incorporated in 1906 and is a full service, Private Country Club, located 15 miles north west of Manhattan, in scenic Rockland County. 631-751-0066 x247 St. George’s Golf & Country Club. 1 Write Review. Macdonald and Emmet had no compunction about building artificial mounds or bunkers with hard edges. Powered by BUZ WebCommunicator©2000-. View all of the golf courses in Long Island, NY. It occupies a section of the course’s less appealing property yet is one of the best holes; thanks to Emmet’s creativity. This was going to be his course for his friends and relatives and he spent his time getting it right. To appreciate the fourth is to understand the architect. When playing NGLA, Chicago Golf Club or St. George’s, golfers can’t help but feel an intense connection to the game’s roots in the United States. one bunker in front of another) are featured here.  Rare Golden Age examples include the pair of bunkers at the foot of the ninth green at Essex County north of Boston and the ones front right at the seventeenth green at Southern Hills. Nearly all aficionados know of Charles Blair McDonald’s travels to the United Kingdom to study its great courses and his subsequent monumental achievement, National Golf Links of America, which helped earn him the moniker “father of American golf architecture.” What is less familiar is the name of Mr. McDonald’s frequent and well-heeled golf and travel partner. A very accomplished player, who also measured the great links and became a prolific designer, he “could not possibly conceive of any other use to which any given piece of real estate could be put except to lay out golf links.” Macdonald’s close friend?
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