Hiking to the glacier is much more fun and less nerve-wracking with a companion. The glacier is tucked around the bend of a mountain, and isn’t visible during the walk across the lake. The Moraine Loop Trail, accessible from the path to the lodge, is a five-minute stroll through typical moraine vegetation; Portage Glacier occupied this ground only 100 years ago. Looking for an amazing hiking adventure? There were a couple areas of slight scrambling. Hikers will need to retrace their steps back to the trailhead. Portage Glacier in located in Chugach National Forest and is one of Alaska’s most visited attractions. Saw a bear up in the mountain. We hiked to Portage Glacier fairly early in the morning to beat the crowd and heat. Would highly recommend wearing solid hiking boots, waterproof if possible, as you will be basically walking on a creek and lots of mud throughout. If that wasn’t enough reason to visit, Whitter is the launching point for the Portage Glacier view hike, where you can see Portage and several other glaciers. Probably one of the best bang-for-your buck hikes I've ever been on. Bird Ridge Trail is an intense hike going pretty straight uphill the entire 2.5 mile trek to … Once you get above the alders, you get some fantastic views looking back towards Whittier. Also parking can be difficult if you go later. The view of the Glacier … It’s located 50 miles south of Anchorage and it ranks as one of the easiest glacier hikes near Anchorage. Overall great hike and loved all the views! Hiking Portage Glacier. Portage Glacier Road is located south of Anchorage, Alaska, at the end of Turnagain Arm (just before the Seward Highway curves onto the Kenai Peninsula). Overview Hike across frozen Portage Lake to its namesake glacier in the spectacular Chugach Mountains. You can still see the glacier, but you have to work for it. Hikers, bikers, skiers, skijourers, and snowshoers will form a 3 mile trail out to Portage Glacier. Great trail with stunning views. The trail is approximately .7 miles in length and it is a moderate walk on a well-established trail. Portage may be t… Portage Glacier is in the corner of Portage Lake about an hours drive from Anchorage. So if you are short on time just turn back at the top of Portage … At the end of the road is Portage … The Portage Glacier Lake Hike is cool because you can only do it in the winter. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Totally worth it! The mv Ptarmigan cruises Portage Lake multiple times daily throughout summer on one-hour tours to the face of this icy wonder. Admission is $5. Begich, Boggs Visitor Center is built upon the terminal moraine left behind by Portage Glacier in 1914. The first mile up to Portage Pass was a bit steep and slippery with gravel. Just this one view was well worth the effort of climbing the mile and a half. If you think you can make it to Portage Glacier without getting wet, you can't. The view of the Glacier and the surrounding area was breathtaking. There is a good-sized creek between the trail's end and the glacier. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/alaska/portage-creek-trail-of-blue-ice Portage Pass Hike near Whittier. Of course, it really is an awe inspiring sight. Access is via the Seward Highway, about 50 miles south of Anchorage. Atop … Hikers, bikers, skiers, skijourers, and snowshoers will form a 3 mile trail out to Portage Glacier. This trail is for winter use only when snow covered. It can be short — just an hour round-trip to the pass and back — or much longer — a few hours to hike all the way to the glacier … Icebergs from the glacier bob in the waters of … What makes this so great? For younger children, they can be easily pulled in a sled if you so desire. All around the top of the pass are side trails to explore, if you're so inclined. Longer than 4.2 mi if you explore the lake at the bottom, which we definitely did. When you return, it is a mile up to the pass, and another mile back down to the trailhead… Portage Glacier is one of the most approachable glaciers in Alaska with multiple ways to see it including hiking Portage Pass and a boat tour across Portage Lake. Travel 5 miles to fork in road; take the right-hand fork and travel a 1/2 mile. There is one beautiful glacier that is approachable by hiking, biking, or skiing during the winter. … Bis zum Beginn des 20. The view of the Glacier and the surrounding area was breathtaking. This trail is appropriate for children. Portage Pass Trail is a 6.8 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Whittier, Alaska that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Other than that it was a good hike, with I’m sure, better views when the clouds and fog are gone. In fact, Alaska has more than 100,000 glaciers. Hike Along The Scenic Byron Glacier Trail On This Easy, Family Friendly Adventure. In fact, Alaska has more than 100,000 glaciers. The mountains surrounding this lake are so steep and impassable that you can only see Portage Glacier via a ferry/boat if the lake isn't frozen over. The Portage Glacier can only be seen now via boat across the Portage Lake or a two-mile out-and-back hike (listed as strenuous) out of Whittier. An amazing sight for someone not from Alaska who may have never seen a glacier in real life. Once winter hits, the lake freezes and allows visitors to make the trek across and around a bend to reach the glacier. Woodsy. Located just a short drive from Anchorage, the trail to Portage Glacier is accessible to many different skill levels! Follow the access road past the visitors center (south) just under a mile. The trail starts at Portage Pass Trailhead and … The Visitor Center was named in memory of Congressmen Nick Begich of Alaska and Congressmen Hale Boggs of Louisiana. My dog found all the people and other dogs a little over-stimulating and I had to leash him. Gorgeous views. Portage Glacier is one of many glaciers on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Less than 5 miles up the valley, the trail crosses Portage Glacier Road again and climbs a very short and steep rise before descending rapidly to the southeast corner of the Begich, Boggs Visitors Center parking area on Portage Lake, where it ends. Hike Over Portage Pass: Hike this 2.2 mile trail to the top of Portage Pass with views of the glacier next to it. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Challenging, rewarding, and of the better reasons to take the toll tunnel to Whittier. Steady uphill for the first mile and then the trail to the lake is solid! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a short hike with amazing views. Portage Glacier once extended the entire length of Portage Valley. Around February, Portage Lake is often frozen solid-solid enough to make walking safe. Very rocky for most of the trail, and the first mile is quite steep. Also parking can be difficult if you go later. adventures and follow local regulations. A little over an hour drive to portage glacier cruise. After the junction, follow Portage Glacier Road to the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center, a small tunnel, a scenic view parking area, and then the waiting area for the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. Crow Pass Cabin is located about 500 yards off the Crow Pass Trail, which follows part of the former supply route for the Iditar... Overview Hiking Options. It's a conservation center so they have a great mission. Passed the elevation marker the trail was a little more difficult to read due to large puddles and many branch offs and it was way less defined. Have good hiking boots, waterproof. Once winter hits, the lake freezes and allows visitors to make the trek across and around a bend to reach the glacier. Again, we wouldn’t recommend this boat as you probably would need binoculars for how far it remained. I was excited about hiking to Portage Glacier but didn’t get my hopes up just yet since I knew that we still had to check the conditions when we arrived. Portage Glacier: Hike to View Portage Pass - See 1,025 traveler reviews, 543 candid photos, and great deals for Girdwood, AK, at Tripadvisor. We are planning to anchorage during the thanksgiving break and we are thinking of doing a glacier hike. Byron Glacier Trail Information. Everyone agreed to head to the nearby Byron Glacier if we got there and the lake looked sketchy. The Portage Pass hike near Whittier is a stunning moderate hiking trail that goes over Portage Pass and leads to the Portage Lake. Sunset Glacier Cruise and Portage Pass Hike in Whittier ... VOUCHER (9 days ago) There was paid parking available right outside the cruise boarding location. My husband and I hiked this trail while we were in the area and although it was steep at places, the payoff was well worth it! You can view some of the trail in the beginning section of my trip video: May be easier on a day with better weather and more visibility though. If you read our Ultimate Alaska Roadtrip blog, you know that at the very top of my list for Things I Must Do was to Kayak To and Climb on Glaciers. Bird RidgeIf you want to say you've hiked a steep Alaskan trail, head for Bird Ridge . Along the Portage Road, there are several glaciers with short easy hikes to the base of the mountains from which they flow down. The hike to Portage Pass and Portage Lake is probably one of the most beautiful hikes in Alaska. Hiking the Portage Glacier. It’s a short, steep hike to Portage Pass from the Whittier side of the tunnel, with a stunning head-on view of the glacier and its rise into the mountains. This was a pretty incredible hike! First mile or so is challenging incline on loose rocks. Portage Glacier Lake Cruise: Book your Portage Lake & Glacier cruise here. Explore the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Kayak Across Alaska's Prince William Sound. Most of the United State’s glaciers are located in Alaska. Better to go with hiking shoes and trekking poles. Great trail with views all over! Need to Know The visitor center is closed during the winter months. Better to go with hiking shoes and trekking poles. Not too long, but long enough that you feel you earn it. The trail takes you up to the top of a landing, where you can see spectacular views. The view of the Glacier and the surrounding area was breathtaking. Upon reaching the top of the pass, climbing around 800 feet in a mile and a half, Portage Glacier and Portage … We hiked to Portage Glacier fairly early in the morning to beat the crowd and heat. Portage Glacier is at the far end of the lake, just around a slight bend. Drive out on the highway to Girdwood, and turn left at the sign that says "Portage Glacier". The area around Portage and Whittier is the homeland of the Dena’ina and Alutiiq people. © 2020 The Outbound Collective - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy.
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