The name in front of Text Field is called "Label". In this example, you get a colorful gradient-rich design. 15 Best Contact Form Design Examples of 2020. Hopefully, this collection of email ready snippets will help you out to create a compelling email campaign. The creator has used a full-page form in this example. Demo/code. If you are using this form for inquiry purpose or service request purpose, this “send a copy to email” option will come in handy for you. All the form fields are neatly labeled and swift animation effects are used to give a better user experience. This form template is made using the latest frameworks, hence you can easily integrate this form into any modern web tools and applications. Big brands clearly mention the benefits of subscribing to their plans. Here’s a real unique form style that definitely jumps off the page. Signup using social media icons are placed right below the login call to action button. These examples are running online through p5.js using HTML Canvas for rendering. The form smoothly expands when you switch from the contact form to the inquiry form. If you are looking for a form design to use in a registration process, this form will be a good choice. Contact Form v17 is another split screen style form design. HTML form design examples like this will not only make our job easy but also saves our time. If you have your own brand color, then you can use it in this form for better branding. The developer even gives you the choice to select options from the drop-down menu. On the image side, you have the option to add contact details and contact information. And this form UI proves it by creating a super minified login form that just rocks. A blinking email icon is placed at the center of the page, on clicking the icon the form appears. Form designing is no longer the same, where you put a bunch of text boxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Here is an example of Registration form using HTML. All the programs on this page are tested and should work on all platforms. On the right side screen, we have the space to add an image slider. For larger forms, this technique would be great to save space. You can use the top space to add a personal note if you want. DDControlPack. This is a pretty complex effect to make purely in CSS but developer José Carneiro made it happen. In this template, you get a long colorful contact form with more than enough form fields. Contact Form v10 is a minimal looking contact form with subtle animation effects. Take a look at our jQuery confirm plugin list to easily integrate a confirmation option in your existing website. Since the modern user management software and CRM are powerful enough to handle information, you no need to push your customers at the first stage itself. Contact Form v20 is another simple form just like the V19 form mentioned above. Typography is huge with form design and I often prefer smaller typefaces on login fields. Animated buttons and smooth text field animations have made this form template as one of the best HTML form design examples in this list. Some designers call the present the gradient style designs as gradient 2.0 designs. The